Needle Detector Equipment

Needle Detector Equipment

Product Description

Intelligent dual probe needle detector machine

Product synopsis:

DS - 200S mainly used for toys, clothing, clothing, zipper, metal buttons, shoemaking, chemicals, leather, knitting etc ferromagnetic metal miscellaneous quality inspection to check out of the industry, which is used to detect mixed or frustrated in raw material or product the broken needle, wire Eng ferromagnetic non-ferrous metal, avoid the consumers or production enterprise bring direct or indirect losses, is the export products must testing instruments. Can also be used in food processing enterprises need to exclude the aluminum foil packing only for ferromagnetic metal detection

Product features:

1. The machine has single probe all functional features. With two groups of sensor (when an eight-lane order) a magnetic field sensors, the fuselage for original magentic "one" word to "X" word, a magnetic field is negative corresponding phase fork for principle, avoids magnetic field distribution non-uniform and testing area height detecting position impact of in order to improve the detection sensitivity and the stability of the machine, strictly to give good quality inspection quality.

2. Photoelectric control field work.

3. Automatic counter record by examination items quantity.

4. Luminous instructions broken needle tube general location.

5. When detect needle breakage or iron content, acousto-optic alarm, conveyor belt is automatic returns or stop, then from start.

Other parameters:

Detection width: Standard (600mm) to non-standard width
Detection height: 100 to 210mm
Inspection standard: P Φ 0.8 mm fe to 1.5 mm
Alarm way: Automatic alarm, automatically stop, conveyor belt will automatically return.
Rated voltage: AC220V + 10% 50Hz
Power: 60W
Volume: 23.5 x 1040 x 900mm
Weight: 320KG

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